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what would we see if we would flow through the same line in time?
if our train lines arrived align?
instead time has refined our
intertwined gravities
casually pulling apart hers from mine.

who could you blame
when you refuse to shame the name that you once craved
so dear to your heart?

stuck sticky to the start,
unsung fickle melodies,
plucked delicately,
but you need jumper cables for the spark.
love is an art,
love is fleeting,
meeting strangers that
tear you apart.

in love with the stars,
you’re lost in the dark,
I don’t know where we are.
just take me back to the start.

how can I look forward when I see you from the side?
do you wonder where we’d be if I had opened up to you in time?

in a dream,
I see you pressing flowers,
you never received,
where would we be?

floating violets,
violently craving each other’s sense, dancing
unaware of the winds pulling them apart,
pulling on the strings of your heart.

she sings me my melody on tuned wires,
more than just notes up off the chart.
pressing my remedy with her bow,
unsung emotions push the tune higher.

tempo’s picking up,
but your voice is singing slow,
appearing in quick dreams, the corner of an eye,
turn around to see
just another stranger passing by,
just another craving of the eye.

I don’t know,
why or when she decided
she can’t
be my friend tonight
man, I don’t know why she decided
I’m still trying to

figure it out,
my meaning,
I don’t like to sing things but
here I am, darling,
I can tell something’s wrong
but it’s not my place to fix it.

I was stopped in place,
I was wishing,
I was missing something I never had,
man, I had it bad,
I can’t say I’m glad it’s over.

but I’m a little more sober,
I’m off your drug,
I’m off unplugged,
new loft, new rugs.

look, I don’t know how to say this song,
it’s a verse too long,
what are the verbs to this song?
what are the nouns that prolong?
how do they sound?
they’re so wrong.

read it off the ground,
off your feet,
of the heart of this beat.
you can’t
part from this weak in the knees.

you’re the bird,
I’m the bee,
see, you’re so sweet like honey.

can’t be had,
you’re to free,
I can’t wait,
too much fate to be blissin’
but listen:
to the breeze,
to the leaves, when onto these trees
you best believe in me.

you see
she was my moon in love with the stars,
and I’m just like her,
all lost in the dark.

but don’t you think us any less,
‘cause only those who are blessed,
can dance with love and distress,
messages from mother earth
told us to watch and learn.


from continuo., released July 21, 2017
spoken word by fluffy jazzette



all rights reserved


halcionne New Brunswick, New Jersey

small children. tiny and small

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