by halcionne

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the rain falls like waves from the sky, I’m reminded of you and I, so bring on the storm, let the lightning and thunder roar until we die.
my own skin has abandoned me not a molt; it crawled away and I really needed it today my own skin has abandoned me taken up a brand new name but I don’t feel ashamed It left no warning, no pardon in its wake one night, it just escaped but I don’t feel betrayed lucky me, I have another skin to wear. it has a lot of friends who care. but most of all, it’s not going anywhere then my mind went out to sea, drifted out upon a wave, but I won’t be dismayed tell ‘em, let them know if they should walk away, even you can be replaced, but it won’t be the same lucky me, I have another skin to wear. it has a lot of friends who care. but most of all, it’s not going anywhere glory be, that I should have a shell to spare, so I can face the morning air envelop me I’m not going anywhere.
chiasmus 03:37
what to backs you say, comes back to you, you may not here me now, but you’ll find it’s true. things you say, say of you things. you brought on yourself, what your tomorrow brings. when comes the time, your time has come, meandering your mind will be my elated hum.
open house 03:36
today’s a celebration, today we will leap into the stars and feel no sorrow. leave your worldly memory. heaven waits for us. I have seen enough of this life, you have seen me break under the weight of my emotion. nothing’s too important, we’ll be far from home. no need to tell your mother, never let a passenger decide where you can wander. this is our adventure. heaven waits for us. knowing where love is going, knowing how to take my love and make this life seem luminous. eden is your body. I’ve found paradise.
continuo. 04:43
[jazzette] what would we see if we would flow through the same line in time? if our train lines arrived align? instead time has refined our intertwined gravities casually pulling apart hers from mine. who could you blame when you refuse to shame the name that you once craved so dear to your heart? stuck sticky to the start, unsung fickle melodies, plucked delicately, but you need jumper cables for the spark. love is an art, love is fleeting, meeting strangers that tear you apart. in love with the stars, you’re lost in the dark, I don’t know where we are. just take me back to the start. [halcionne] how can I look forward when I see you from the side? do you wonder where we’d be if I had opened up to you in time? in a dream, I see you pressing flowers, you never received, where would we be? [jazzette] floating violets, violently craving each other’s sense, dancing unaware of the winds pulling them apart, pulling on the strings of your heart. she sings me my melody on tuned wires, more than just notes up off the chart. pressing my remedy with her bow, unsung emotions push the tune higher. tempo’s picking up, but your voice is singing slow, appearing in quick dreams, the corner of an eye, turn around to see just another stranger passing by, just another craving of the eye. I don’t know, why or when she decided she can’t be my friend tonight man, I don’t know why she decided I’m still trying to figure it out, my meaning, I don’t like to sing things but here I am, darling, I can tell something’s wrong but it’s not my place to fix it. I was stopped in place, I was wishing, I was missing something I never had, man, I had it bad, I can’t say I’m glad it’s over. but I’m a little more sober, I’m off your drug, I’m off unplugged, new loft, new rugs. look, I don’t know how to say this song, it’s a verse too long, what are the verbs to this song? what are the nouns that prolong? how do they sound? they’re so wrong. read it off the ground, off your feet, of the heart of this beat. you can’t part from this weak in the knees. you’re the bird, I’m the bee, see, you’re so sweet like honey. can’t be had, you’re to free, I can’t wait, too much fate to be blissin’ but listen: to the breeze, to the leaves, when onto these trees you best believe in me. you see she was my moon in love with the stars, and I’m just like her, all lost in the dark. but don’t you think us any less, ‘cause only those who are blessed, can dance with love and distress, messages from mother earth told us to watch and learn.
πomance 04:51
leave me here, I’m too scared to come down. I have chosen to catch fire rather than to drown. spun secure, now I am unwound. release this warmth I kept inside from when you came around. immolate me, burn me to the ground. Endured the flames of hell on earth now I am heaven bound. not to fear, the atmosphere is clearing up for me, I can part the clouds, my dear, if moses parts the sea. If I float away today, what will become of me? I’ll roll the dice, roll me right into a new reality. everything seems new to me, this world is welling from the depths of inter-fantasy. you’re here too, you’re reaching out for me. you look the way you did when no one else was there to see. I miss your grip, and now I’m falling free. the hole that I had opened up is closing in on me. at bullet speed, I crash into the sea, I would have chosen fire, but it wasn’t in my reach. something from inside of me, it pulls me back to land. exhausted from the whole damn thing, I wash up on the sand. If I can survive all of this, there is a higher plan, I’ll stick around, I’ll make a big sound.
key 06:03
[kat] I remember the image of her in the mirror behind me, “you look like me,” she said, and so it seemed. hand on my shoulder, love was clear, when she whispered in my ear: “don’t ever let someone tell you your way of life ain’t free.” [halcionne] I live in a land where what you don’t understand is potent, there’s rich and poor, love and war, and I’m always somewhere in between. don’t underestimate my sight, if you won’t look me in the eyes, be sure they see everything. I’ve seen lovers love and lovers burn to ash, and it seems when I go farther you digress, and to the end of the world remain parallel lines, a mystery, stuck in time, a girl is thwarted in her prime. [kat] and I’m holding a gold key, that opens up to everything I see, you and me, us and them. they push me away for who I am, never once inquiring about what’s occurring in me. [halcionne] and I remember the image of a woman crying, she looked at me and said, “you could be so pretty.” and in a moment it was clear, when I whispered in her ear: “the beauty in me is more than you can think to see.” [kat] and I remember the image of a father and son, the boy asleep inside his arms, on his mother’s side. his father kissed him on the head, as he whispered in their bed, “I’ve got you, boy, and you need never fear harm.” [both] and I’ve seen lovers see their lovers turn to ash, and stood by brokenly as they regressed, and to the end of their life they remain in silent respect, their beauty fades, their children grow, and suddenly you’re all alone in a foreign country. and I’m holding a gold key, that opens up to everything I see, you and me, us and them. they push me away for who I am, never once inquiring about what’s occurring in me. and I have so much to say, to those unknowingly led astray, knowledge heals; yes it may hurt sometimes, but there’s no other way. I know the world can be too much at times, but I look to you and you’ll be shining.


track list
1--(prelude.) from the sky
2--meticulum’s lament
3--how to undress in front of your husband
5--open house
6--continuo. (feat. jazzette)
7--(interlude.) they all hold each other
guest artist and producer keith lalley
9--key (feat. kat siciliano)
10--(postlude.) she’s calling


released July 21, 2017

halcionne on fiddle, viola, guitar, and vocals

spoken word - fluffy jazzette (6)
‘key’ vocal soloist - kat siciliano (9)
organ - tiffany chung (6)
electric guitar - dan christian (3)
vibraphone - greg riss (10)
baritone saxophone - sam tobias (4)
cello - marc stasio (6), brianna tagliaferro (5,6,9)
bass - riley byrne (8) marc stasio (9)
drums - lex douras (2,8,9)

written by victoria r. romano (halcionne)
mixed, mastered, and produced by marc a. stasio
artwork by caitlin mccann

many thanks to marc stasio, nick taricani, keith lalley, lauren leroux, bri tagliaferro, tracey miller, lex douras, jazz, kat siciliano, sam tobias, greg riss, tiffany chung, my teachers, fans, friends, and family.


all rights reserved



halcionne New Brunswick, New Jersey

small children. tiny and small

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